Next PS3 FirmWare Update to Include Saving Games Online? (Rumor)

A recent report from has indicated that “sources” they have been in contact with, have affirmed the existence of a future PS3 firmware update (3.60) enabling the ability for users to upload their game save data to an online server or “cloud.” These uploads, linked to a PlayStation Network account, would allow users to access their game saves from multiple PS3’s where their account is linked as well as providing a source of backup in the case of (unwanted) data loss.

This news came shortly after the recent announcement of Sony’s NGP. Could this be the feature that Metal Gear solid creator Hideo Kojima alluded to at the press event for the NGP? He spoke about  the ability to take a single game and being able to play it across different platforms with the same game saves and progress intact. Could this be the long awaited PS3 “cloud” that gamers have been hearing rumors about since 2009? Only time will tell for sure and there are some E3 reveals we are anticipating in this regard later this year.

There is one catch however, the report continues that this may be a service only enabled for subscribers to PlayStation’s premium service, PlayStation Plus. The service, being called “online saving,” is rumored to appear later this year. So far we have no real confirmation from Sony as to this service or what it entails. Stay tuned for more information and the latest news!

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