First Killzone 3 DLC Revealed – Steel Rain


Well, I guess you could technically say second DLC in addition to the Retro Map pack that came out on day one. But most people playing the game already got that for free, sooo I’m going to be completely obnoxious and ignore that fact :) Alright, alright, let’s call it the first map pack to be released AFTER the game’s launch.

Tonight on the GTTV show with Geoff Keighley, the Steel Rain map pack was revealed to be coming soon to the popular PlayStation 3 shooter. Not even a full week into the game’s release and we are already getting more goods. Well, at least in the form of news. The Steel Rain map pack will feature at least 2 new player maps with up to 24 players – a junkyard of some sort and Stahl’s facility with various missions, special weapons (like miniguns), and game modes.  Oh and more exo-suits and jet packs. Like I could forget about that!

The map pack really looks great. Although the preview on the show was really short and did not give much details, it did pack in  a lot of exciting footage. When we get full details of the release date, features, price, and so on, we will bring it to you. In the meantime, if you missed the GTTV episode, you can enjoy some pretty pictures in the link below. Or, you can wait for the link posted above to be updated! Either way, you wont be sorry!

For more screenshots of the new Steel Rain map pack hit the link: Killzone Official Site




Here are the more details on the DLC maps from the Official KZ Blog. It will indeed be two maps and here are the features:

Game Type:
Guerrilla Warfare (16 players)
The junkyards of Helghan are a wasteland to some, but a valuable resource to others. In the main junk processing facility of Helghan, ISA and Helghast Forces are clashing in an attempt to salvage vehicles and supplies for their war effort. Jetpacks are the key to taking the high ground, but the huge Exoskeletons can quickly turn the tide of the battle on the ground.

Game Type:
Warzone (24 Players)
As the Helghast write a new and appalling chapter on humanoid experimentation, beleaguered ISA Forces mount a desperate attack on the notorious Stahl Arms research facility, where they hope to free ISA soldiers who have been taken captive. Stahl’s Helghast forces will stop at nothing to ensure that the ISA attack fails, even if it means exterminating the very prisoners they need for their weapons research.

Alright you want even more? Here’s one more look at the new Steel Rain with one last screeen:



Killzone 3 Official Site now has more details on pack: Killzone 3 Site

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