Get Early Access Resistance 3 Beta With Copy Of Socom 4


If you say Sony PlayStation is asleep on the job this year, YOU must be the one dreaming. Once again, PlayStation continues it’s exclusive rampage with another bonus. Socom 4 will be releasing on April 19th, in just over a week. Already quite a bit of hype is being put on the game for it’s intriguing campaign, 5-player co-op, online multiplayer battles, PS Move/Sharpshooter functions, 3D capabilities, and so on. However, SCE was nice enough to throw in a little bonus as well. For those of you who pick up the first copies of Socom 4, you will also receive a voucher code for the upcoming Resistance 3 beta. Make sure your copy has that special tag on the case as shown in the picture below.

Details on when the beta starts and when the code can be redeemed will be made available at the time you pick up your copy April 19th. We will bring you any more news when we get it!


[via: PSBlog]

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