PS3 System Software Update v3.70 Spotted


Earlier today, PlayStation revealed a new official headset that will be released later this year in September. A great addition to the PS3 accessory collection. Now you can game, listen to music, and chat with 7.1 surround sound wirelessly on your PS3. With that bit of news, a largely overlooked detail was found. That detail would be the following:

Surround sound on the PS3™ requires system software version 3.70 or later. Surround Sound does not work with Blu-ray Disc movies

The PS3 is no stranger to FW updates, the most recent v3.61 was needed to get back onto the PSN and reset your password after the security breach. In the past updates have been used for several reasons, to add security measures, to fix system issues, and also to add additional features and capabilities.

As of the moment, we have no information on what the update will include or when exactly it will be released although it will likely be before September’s headset release. But with E3 just around the corner, one can only imagine. Surround sound is already integrated in the PS3’s hardware so although the description might be misleading to some, we know it’s not that. However, because this accessory requires it, the FW update will likely be adding system capabilities and functions to the system’s software. Smaller updates usually put the version up by .01 whereas the more significant updates see a change at least to the next tenths. Are they just making the system compatible with the new headset? Could we finally be seeing the [unlikely] integration of cross-game voice chat? Or will it be something else?

Tell us what you think the FW update might include or what you would like it to include in the comments below. Only time will tell so stay tuned with GxC as we bring you the latest info!

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  • xino

    ok..why is this news!?
    obviously the device needs a new firmwire so what!? why are you turning this into a news?

    new bluray movies required 3.21 update to play updated bluray movies.

  • http://Website(optional) XzX_InSTaGiB_XzX

    Its News Because The Current Firmware is 3.6.1 & If it was a small Fix or Somthing it wouldnt Jump to 3.7 it would be 3.6.2, Which indicates New Features. For Reference Psn Was 3.60 when it was Hacked and They upgraded security and had a mandatory pass change & it only went up .1. So They Could announce New Features @ E3.

  • http://Website(optional) Ello_i_SiiU

    I want X-Game Chat(with multiple users)
    Dedicated Party System
    More Apps

  • http://Website(optional) anon

    please no cross game chat please!! LOL this xgame chat blows for me……hope it will never happen.

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  • adicuzzy

    I don’t have PS3 :(

  • http://Website(optional) Paulo

    I would like to see Linux again.

  • http://Website(optional) solid snake

    Come sony revamp the stinking web browser using google chrome’s web kit tools because browsing experience on playstation 3 sucks!

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