Ubisoft’s I Am Alive: Still Alive and Rated

i am alive

Announced way back at E3 2008, Ubisoft’s First Person survival game, I Am Alive was announced. It was a title anticipated by many gamers as the cinematic shown built up a great premice for the story and action. Since then, little has been said about the game or revealed at all. Delay after delay and the switch of developers eventually led some to believe that the game was pretty much going to be dropped all together. Ubisoft claimed the game is still being developed and re-engineered but any other news other than that has been few and far between.

On June 28th, 2011 however I Am Alive has shown signs of life by means of an Australian rating (MA15+) on their classification website.

Here are the E3 2008 and 2010 trailers and some of the very few looks that we have had at the game:

The game takes place in Chicago after a massive earthquake destroys the city and the rescue team fails to save the survivors. Millions are dead, and the city is leveled. The main character, Adam Collins, has to evade enemies, keep from becoming dehydrated, find his missing girlfriend and stay alive in a crumbled city of hate. Adam also has to evade certain citizens throughout the game, as they’ll do anything in order to take his belongings, and use them as their own.

This does give hope that the game will be released at least this year sometime. No official word yet but we will let you know more as we get the news.

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