Five Crossovers That We Would Like To See


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Although we have seen a bit of an explosion in them recently (especially headed by Capcom), crossover games and character cameos are nothing new. From the unlikely combination of Disney and Final Fantasy for Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, Marvel and Capcom, Tekken and Capcom, Tatsunoko and Capcom (alright enough of the Capcom), PlayStation Move Heroes, and even Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros all-star crossover even including Metal Gear’s Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog. The list could go on and on.

Crossover games are plenty and pretty popular. However, there are some that we have all thought of but have never been made. While these may be very unlikely, it would still be a cool idea. In no particular order, here are five crossovers we would like to see made into games:

Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed - Now, while this one I wouldn’t particularly like seeing as a crossover, maybe a cameo appearance of Ezio, Altair, or some other Assassin or AC reference could make an appearance in a Prince of Persia game as a cameo or vice versa. Some may argue that this was already done with the Assassin’s Creed skins you could use in PoP recently, but I want something that is actually part of the game itself and not an extra unlockable (as seen in the image above). Maybe the Prince could show up in a future AC title. Who knows? This idea was a bit iffy, but I thought, “what the heck?” So I threw it out there. Both are popular Ubisoft titles, so I would say they have more of a chance of seeing a crossover/cameo appearances than any of the others to follow.

Digimon vs Pokemon – The ongoing battle will continue! Which one is better?! Train up your monsters and battle them! Go on a new adventure with a story. Choose a side and battle for dominance. Or play online against your friends. Were you always a Digimon kid? Or were you a Pokemon guy? Did you ever argue about which one is better? Now here’s your chance to show your might against your friends!

Mirror’s Edge and Portal – Wait for a minute. I know you’re probably thinking, “uh, what?” Well, imagine, free running/parkour with portals. Grabbing a portal gun, shooting a portal on far off buildings, leaping over the edge of buildings and flying across the skyline through the other side? It certainly would be an interesting way to get around. Heck, they were made for each other. They each even have a theme song with the same title! But it doesn’t even have to be Mirror’s Edge. Just make a game like this – for science.

Uncharted and Tomb Raider – With the Uncharted series already set firmly in place as one of the highest rated and adored games this generation (Uncharted 3 soon to release this year) and the long time Tomb Raider series, ever as popular and reinventing itself in the upcoming reboot of the series next year. The ultimate relic hunting duo could be an unstoppable force in a crossover game of epic proportions. Make it the same way, an adventure game with lots of action, a cinematic experience, and with a great story. I’m not even sure I care so much about the gameplay, I just want to see the story happen!

MARVEL vs DC Universe – I can not count how many times I have heard requests and desires for a game to be made. The ultimate showdown between the two comic-book juggernauts (no pun intended). Many fans have clamored for a fighting game pitting these two sides against each other. Unfortunately, this is one game that we are likely never to see due to all those technical and legal reasons. It’s sad really, once upon a time there were even a series of limited edition crossover comics between DC and MARVEL.

Alright, let’s be frank – Putting some of those games together could be a bit complicated but what isn’t these days? I’m sure the kinks could be worked out so the game could turn out just great like those other unlikely combinations that were mentioned at the start. So those are just a few of the crossover games we would like to see. I’m sure you all have other ideas, so don’t be shy! Just shout them out in the comments below and maybe we’ll feature yours on our next edition!

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  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    nod, nod, nod, nod, face spazm neck breaking nod

  • Chris P. Bacon

    How about Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct?

  • Quocalimar

    Dragonball Z, with Mortal Kombat.
    They’re both versus scrolling games, that have stories where you fight in a versus scrolling style, they’re practically the same game with different skins. I’d love to be able to do a finishing move with frickin’ cell. Imagine he sucks you into himself, then how starts evolving after transforming, he becomes apart like you. Or one of his moves in story mode could be that if he envelopes a character he has their powers added to his for the rest of the story mode.

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