Kojima Set To Attend VGAs: What Will He Reveal?


Another hint has been dropped by Geoff Keighley before tomorrow’s VGAs. This time in reference to Hideo Kojima. In a recent tweet Geoff Keighley said the following with a photo attachment:

His seat is ready. The question is, are you ready for the truth? #VGAs, less than 24 hrs.

The truth about what? What will Kojima reveal? More info on MGS: Rising? We already know that he has been working on a few projects along with the brand new Fox Engine, but nothing concrete other than that. Could it be his new IP? Metal Gear Solid 5?

Sound off in the comments with your theories and ideas. Make sure to watch the VGAs to find out and come back to GamerXChange as we give you all the news as it drops!


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  • Duyyyy-asdQ

    its geoff keighly the accidental troll.

  • Anonymous

    he probably just won a award.

  • http://www.facebook.com/prettiestever Ghulam Fareed

    If Kojima is attending then it will probably be about MGS Rising. I’d be surprised if he revealed MGS 5 so soon,

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