The Five Worst Star Wars Games Of All Time


Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

Star Wars is a huge franchise, its fans can be decidedly unkind when it comes to something they don’t like. Lately there has been a lot of negative and mixed reactions for Kinect Star Wars, I actually found that game to be quite fun and it’s certainly not the worst Star Wars game ever made. That train of thought got me to thinking of some of the Star Wars games that I’ve played in the past that were simply terrible in every meaning of the word. A lot of people think LucasArts has only recently started releasing bad games under the Star Wars brand, well I’ve got news for you, they’ve been releasing poor Star Wars games for a couple of decades now.

It would be a bit too easy to list a lot of the older Star Wars games, like the ones for the Atari 2600, but I figure those games have gone through enough and I’m not going to pile on. After all, that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I’ll try to stick to my personal top 5 of bad Star Wars games, which offers an eclectic mix of games from the 1990’s and the 2000’s.

1.Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi
Did you ever wonder what a poor fighting game based on awful mechanics that featured Star Wars characters would be like? Wonder no more, because Star Wars Masters of Teräs Käsi is just such a game. The game itself features some of the worst character models ever seen, and the idea to do a fighting game with Star Wars characters is just insane and not the good kind of insane. This game handled like a shopping cart, which is a running theme with Star Wars games. Not only is this probably the worst Star Wars game, it’s probably the worst excuse for a fighting game as well.

2.Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing
You say you like cart racing games and Star Wars huh? Well I’ve got a really bad game for you, Star Wars Super Bombad Racing! It seems that LucasArts thought it would be a good idea to shrink down Star Wars characters and give them bobble heads in a cart racing game that handles like…you guess it, a shopping cart. I mean seriously, who wants to play as Boss Nass?

3.Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes
I don’t even really know where to begin with this debacle of a game. The premise sounds pretty nice, you play as Jedi during the Clone Wars television series. The problem is that the game looks terrible, it looks worse than a PlayStation 2 game and I was playing the Xbox 360 version! Let me tell you that the PlayStation 2 version looked really bad as well. There were no versions of this game that were good, the game had stiff controls and handled so very bad. These aren’t the Republic Heroes you’re looking for.

4.Star Wars: Racers Revenge
This was a little known follow up to the popular Pod Racer game for the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast, both were really solid games. I remember logging hours and hours into the Dreamcast version, which looked fantastic and allowed for online scoreboards. Racers Revenge had none of the charm of the original, I mean who wants to play as grumpy older Anakin Skywalker? The controls weren’t nearly as good and considering they were utilizing the PS2’s pressure sensitive sticks, it was a bit surprising. The courses were mostly imported from the previous game and I actually think the Dreamcasts original version of Pod Racer looked better than this one did.

5.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
The original Force Unleashed game was pretty good, I really enjoyed it and thought it was really well done, I loved the force powers and the story itself was actually canon and well written. The Force Unleashed 2 was an obvious cash grab by LucasArts and the game resembled little of the original. The campaign was very short, around 4-5 hours and while the graphics were improved, the characters in the game weren’t nearly as engaging or likable.

All in all there have been a lot of Star Wars video games, some are bad and some are good and some like Kinect Star Wars lay in the middle of the pack. I’ll be doing a list of the top 5 good Star Wars games soon. If there is a Star Wars game that you think is terrible, let us know about it in the comment section below. Maybe with enough prodding we’ll get LucasArts to give us a Battlefront 3 or new Jedi Academy game.

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  • avbaz

    Jedi Knight II Jedi outcast best game for star wars

    • not1tosettle

      yeah that little series of games were ground breaking even but always thought it crazy how the titled them though, like jedi knight 2 jedi outcast was actually a part 3 lol

      • Steve ‘Steil’ O’Neil

        Yeah I really thought it was an expanion more than a full game yet it was released as a full game. Improvements over Jedi Knight 2 were only minor which is why I consider Jedi Knight 2 to be the classic, with outcast being just a followup. First time I got in a light saber battle in JK2 it blew me away with how fluid and exciting it was (especially compared to light saber fights in the original jedi knight game). Outcast was an incremental improvement. No OMG moments in there.

  • Darthwho

    Well, the Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles wasn’t a bad game

    • Nathanielw23

      um i beg to differ the bad controls were the worst. you couldn’t jump on anything without falling.

    • not1tosettle

      that the one that came out on playstation shortly after episode 1?

  • Daniel

    Agree lol those were pretty bad games, best ones are Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast and Battlefront II

  • Gamer492

    Bad game should be #1 on the list =starwars, the old republic online….best game mmo starwars wise, SWG…they need to bring em back, singleplayer, idk, i liked FU2, but hey, like it says, fk ur wallets… wasnt worth $20, I love swbf2.bf1 aswell, i also like the rts eaw series :D

  • kramer

    i wish they made more games like SK jedi outcast..but not make into an online multi..single players FTW!!!

  • Tresludovico


    • joe bob!

      first one WAS AWSOME!!! second SUCKED

    • Simon Alexandre Daigle

      awesome only if your a casual gamer not a REAL ONE, seriously COD modern warfare 3 take me 3-4 hours at veteran difficulty, a real adventure on star wars (who suppose to be a great game like you said) should take more time than that stupid thing (COD), seriously the force unleashed 1 overrated the 2

      • Zach Mckim

        HERP DERP COD OMFG I’M SO HARD FOR COD!!! >.> COD sucks, shooting a bunch of “nazi zombies” doesn’t make you a badass. Wtf is a “real gamer” anyway? Someone who sits at home with bedsores on their buttcheeks and never leaves the house and is a fat, worthless, non contributing member of society waste of human flesh, get a life you sorry sack of crap.

  • Michelle Morgan

    actually swtor is about the worst game I have ever played in my life.

    • DarthHawk777

      what no way that was one of the greatest…

    • Steve ‘Steil’ O’Neil

      You for real? I’ve played a few MMOs, including several years of world of warcraft, and I think SWTOR is the best I’ve played.

  • Nemrodh

    SWToR is one of the top 5.. I dare say with the amount of money they put in to and with the amount of Star Wars fans out there. its by far the biggest failing Star Wars game there is.

    • ………….

      More people need to play it to make it better, but yeah its pretty amazing, DAMN YOU WoW

    • Steve ‘Steil’ O’Neil

      Failing on what criteria? I’ve played several MMOs including 4 years of wow and I’m having more fun playing SWTOR than I’ve had with many others. Failing because it hasn’t knocked wow off it’s perch? People love knocking it. There’s some things about it I’d like to see improved but that could be said about any similar game. In my opinion it’s currently the most fun to play of the MMO crop.
      The only major problem is they created too many servers so the player base has ended up being spread too thinly – giving the appearance of a dieing game. Recent server mergers have largely fixed that issue though.

  • redsoxu571

    Worst SW games…how about Star Wars: Force Commander?
    It wasn’t awful, per say, but given my hankering for a C&C style Star Wars games (command stormtroopers and AT-ATs!), it sure didn’t hit the mark…

  • YouTalkninToMe

    I love Batllefront II it was awesome and i only have the lego star wars games and the Clone Wars Advetures mmo. I have seen all the movies, and clone wars T.V seasons 1,2,3 and 4.
    Thats my Conection too STAR WARS!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Chris

    star wars tfu 2 sucks? impossible! The game was fine and sure the levels were not much but – seriously that game was not one of the worst

    • Kel

      The gameplay and graphics were better on TFU2 than the original, even if the storyline was not and the levels were not. But it certainly wasn’t one of the worst. Disappointing and bad are different things. I thought it was too short, but I enjoyed playing it.

  • Alex

    hey! i have republic heroes for wii and it’s graphics and controls are damn awsome! my dad has tfu 2 for xbox and i love it!

    • darklord

      republic heroes SUCKED!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Star wars the force unleashed was excellent. But why does it need such a short campagin? Juno Eclipse didn’t even LOOK like herself. But everything else was fantastic, the graphics were neat and they finally made it less “Kiddy” and more violent with body parts and armor flying everywhere. Not to mention it was nearing the M rating because of the people screaming “Damn it!” and “What the hell!?”. All in all. Good game, short, dissapointing version.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I still like Super Bombad Racing, the only thing bad about it is the character apperances and the TERRIBLE graphics. Honestly, I think DBZ Budokai 2 had better graphics than this, and in Budokai 2, their clothing looked like stickers and their muscles looked like pencil art and the audio was AWFUL. But the Super Bombad Racing still has an OKAY audio and it’s racing is great. The terrible thing about it is the horrible graphics and the apperances of characters.

  • Anonymous

    However, Republic heroes SUCKED. No fights. I got it for the Wii for my son to play on and he HATED IT. He never passed the first level with out saying “Dad, this game is BULLSHIT” and shoving me in the car to get a new one. The game is like wielding an iron as a weapon. Quite heavy for a child, the gameplay and how you gain SUPER ENERGY to do combo moves made Asoka Tano overpowered with her Morning Slashes and all you had to do was Right, Left, Right and you got 3 Super Energy points out of.. what 20?
    General Grevious and Ventres had HORRIBLE ways to get Super Energy, you had to do a bunch of combo’s, Yet greivous didn’t even need it and could spam it over and over. Not to mention the force has no limit, Why waste your time with your arms! Just keep pressing B and they will eventually die! Making this game. Horrible. My rating would be 0 out of 10.

  • Anonymous

    Teras Kasi, is the worst. The jedi are overpowered. Gun people VS Gun people made it STUPID, and the graphics…. SUCKED. To make a fighting mame like Mortal Kombat into star wars makes it so pathetic. That is all I can say.
    I can’t even rate this it was so bad.

  • Anonymous

    Battlefront II was the best in my opinion. As it never got old or boring, fair graphics, fair game and space battles. Not wielded like an iron or a shopping cart. I’ll give Battlefront II a 9 out of 10. It isn’t ten because… it wasn’t PERFECT.
    Force Unleashed gets a 7 – 10 Because of it’s short campagin making it hard to level up.
    Super Bombad racing gets a 6 – 10. You know why.
    Republic Heroes gets a 0 out of 10.
    Teras Kasi gets such a bad rating I can’t rate it.

    • Darth Mcnugget

      Agreed BF II was awesome!!! I seriously wish they’d make another one

    • The Hammer

      I play BF 2 more than any other game I own, even today. I will love that game forever

  • anonymous

    Star Wars Republic Commandos. The best game (star wars and otherwise) EVER!!! Easy to use controls, awesome blaster fights, and wookies. What more does anyone want?

  • joey

    How about the lego series or the battlefronts?

  • brian

    those where pretty bad games, but the star wars 3 game was way worst then tfu 2.

  • darklord

    wow tfu 2 was awesome you dont know what a good game is do you

    • Joseph Handibode

      I guess all the game reviewers and majority of players were wrong.

  • wtfman

    I’m highly suprised not many people are mentioning Star Wars Republic Commando as one of their favs. That game is so underrated. It has tons of reply value, fantastic controls, great story line, and characters you could easly get to know and love. Ok, so maybe the grafics could have been a little better, but the rest of the game totaly made up for it. We need to see a sequel, or at least a revamped version of it, ASAP! I wouldn’t be suprised if lucasarts brought in big bucks from doing something like that…just saying…

  • R3v109

    honestly, i think battlefront 1 and 2 were great games. battlefront 2 was different than other star-wars games. it had no solid campaign other than rise of the empire. if you haven’t looked at that you should. It was like most other 1st person shooter games, except third person and it was based off of star wars.

  • Racheland Brooklyn

    Oh my God! Hello am I THAT old? Does nobody remember Rebel Assault?! The first one was horrible. The second wasn’t awful, but only because the full motion video and graphic engine, at the time, made the graphics superb. However the controls, linear “rail” movement & the “Rookie One” plot themes were hard to sit through. Here’s the list:

    Worst SW Games All-Time: 5. Phantom Menace 4. Clone Wars: Republic Heroes 3. Force Commander 2. Rebel Assault 1. Teras Kasi
    Best SW Games All-Time: 5. Jedi Outcast 4. Dark Forces I & II & Mysteries of the Sith 3. Battlefront I & II 2. Republic Commando 1. TIE Fighter
    Honorable Mention: Empire at War, X-Wing, Bounty Hunter (if only the controls had worked…)

    • not1tosettle

      yeah remember that one

    • Michael Flett

      I’d say the whole Jedi Knight series was pretty good from Jedi Knight right the way through to Jedi Academy they were all fun games to play lots of good story in them and if you play them now you can watch before your eyes as graphics technology grows and advances to its more recent levels

    • Steve ‘Steil’ O’Neil

      I was hoping someone would mention the X-wing and Tie-fighter series. Those and the Wing Commander games are the only really good space flight sims I’ve played (unless you could good ol elite on the commodore 64). They’re old games now and I haven’t seen anything to compare in recent years.

  • Logan

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic…FTW

    • not1tosettle

      that was a good one but yeah after beating it with both sides of the force that was enough and should’ve left it for dead

  • Coca Cola

    Star Wars : The Force Unleashed 2 is PREETY GOOD GAME,I dont know why testers hate that game,like a gamer,with big experience,i think that game is good,score that I gave would be

    • Rosco

      It sucked!!!!!!!!!!! a lot!!!! Basically no story line to speak of, crappy boss fights, and hardly any real play time. I beat the thing in less than 5 hours on the highest difficulty. Complete garbage. Loved the first one though. It was a strong edition to the star wars universe

      • not1tosettle

        HA it actually took you close to 5 hours, gamer NOT

        • Shadowscyth

          Really? it took me around 10 hours to beat TFU2 on normal I play a game much longer than most people because I enjoy messing around, looking at the background, looking at the character models, and a lot of other things but just because it takes me a long time to beat a game i’m not a gamer?

      • Michael Flett

        I have to agree on that one, I played TFU2 on Wii I own TFU1 also on Wii using the controller as as the light saber was awesome and then for the second not so much… you could sleep through second one so long as you just keep pressing the A button the story asks one question is it really Starkiller or is it a Clone a question which is never answered properly EVEN if you choose Dark Side ending it never tells you whether the character you’ve played for those 4 hours of game play is the real deal or a clone that alone for me was its biggest let down

    • Joseph Handibode

      Good game wow
      1. Crappy storyline.
      2. Terrible main character who isn’t out to save anyone but wants a date with a dead mans’ woman. Basically your a stalker in game.
      3. Lore of the game is dumb and doesn’t fit star wars at all.
      4. Short game – maybe a blessing in disguise.
      5. Gameplay – extra force powers could not save the game’s failures.

  • DryestViper

    I personally enjoyed the Force Unleashed Games they where fun to demolish people!

  • venom77t

    The best game is easily star wars knights of the old republic 1.

    • not1tosettle

      that was a good one but yeah after beating it with both sides of the force that was enough and should’ve left it for dead

    • Kel

      Totally. They need to make KOTOR and not rush for the deadline. KOTOR 2 would have been almost as good if they had more time to finish it.

      • Kel

        Sorry, KOTOR 3. And not some MMO. Maybe Lucasart will finally let Obsidian do it. They totally want to.

      • Kalos’Rael vas Moreh

        Give KotOR2 another chance. Go and download the restoration mod. It restores most of the cut content, and includes new voice acting, at least 1 new planet, and lots of new story.

  • not1tosettle

    force unleashed 2 was a damn good game, and no it wasn’t a obvious cash grab because the whole franchise of force unleashed was designed to be a multi-parter, it’s ridiculous on just how bad you don’t know what you’re talking about, then obviously you think that the two towers and the return of the king was cash grabs as well and other such movies, games, and even tv shows, thecrapgamer go talk about flowers or something you might actually know about, WHAT A IDIOT

  • not1tosettle

    the best all time star wars game was tie fighter

    • Abraxox


  • abc123

    THERE NEEDS TO BE A STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Hammer

      Yes there does. I would kill for that game. Many times.

  • abc123

    NOW!!! ON THE PS3 AND XBOX 360

  • William Hoke Jr

    Kinect Star Wars is a sorry excuse for a game. The lightsaber control is sloppy and unresponsive. I have more fun playing Kinect Adventures! Force Unleashed 2 could have been longer, but at least it had good gameplay!

  • Revan

    I really liked Masters of Teras Kasi. I thought the game was pretty fun, though it could’ve used more characters, but I was pretty good at it. They could remake it, have more characters, etc.

  • Gerge

    fu 1 awome untill the end he dies what the krud? 2nd one i would rather pour gas on me and jump into a fire then play that game again it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • platform 6060842

    Developers are you listening? Read below and count the amount of times Battlefront 2 is mentioned! Battlefront 3 FTW!!!!!!!!

  • markus

    We need a sequel to TIE Fighter series ASAP… computing power nowadays let developers have very wet dreams… have you ever wanted an SW version of EVE??? o.O

  • starwarsfreak 331

    im not agreeing that tfu 2 sucked but it wasnt nearly as good a sthe original tfu…i got tfu for $8 at gamestop but it was worth at least 25 like tfu 2 was worth 15

  • Mace is Lando’s Dad

    Teräs Käsi!!! Yeah!!! Remember that this was the first time you could duel lightsabers with another being on a game console. Loved the characters’ yelling (Hiyaaa!) and the cheesy SW lines they’d say after kicking your ass, e.g. Han Solo: “Relaaaaax. No prooooblem.” I also liked kicking my friends’ asses with Princess Leia! (unlocked Slave Leia), all of us hoping to catch a glimpse of some skin.
    Best fighting game ever!

    • Rickey Morgan

      i owned it and still loved it.boba fett!!lol darth vader was a beast in that game.

  • Mike110282

    they should do a second Jedi Academy game the Dark Side ending has potential for a sequel with Jaden as the new emperor and Kyle going after him to either kill him or get him back to the path of the light side of the force

  • Çameron Hedges

    KOTOR 2: I waited years to play this on a) a powerful enough computer, then b) a computer that didn’t have vista. I finally get it installed, play it for some 30 plus hours and get stuck on Nah Shaddaa, only to find that it’s a “glitch” in the game and I have to start again. There’s a decent story in there somehwere, but I ain’t putting myself through that much torture again to find it.. I want my 30 hrs AND my money back!

    • Kel

      That’s why I always save in two places, don’t trust anything.

    • Steve ‘Steil’ O’Neil

      I’d certainly rate that as one of the most disappointing. I loved the first one. Second one had a great story but it was let down by buggy implementation. Devs were rushed in to releasing it in time for christmas sales when it really wasn’t ready and it shows. You play the game and you feel like you’re playing an unfinished beta. It’s the only game where I’ve had to use cheats to get through several areas because known bugs made it impossible any other way.

  • Tom Holste

    Any list of terrible Star Wars games should include “Jedi Arena” for the Atari 2600, a so-called lightsaber duel game where two colored dots with sticks fought each other.

  • Advantus

    You’re only allowed to comment if your first Star Wars game came on floppy disk LOL!

  • Chris Ezell

    i STRONGLY disagree on force unleashed 2. im sick of people hating it just bc they didnt like the first one. at least you admitted you liked the first one. but the second one was FAR better imo. you truly felt like a sith lord or jedi knight. decap anyone?

  • zxc

    Jedi Outcast and KoTOR were the best games.


    I hope they do make a Star Wars Battlefront III !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • someonerandom

    TFU2 was good in terms of gameplay mechanics and graphics,but the stoyline completely sucked and it way too short.I finished it in a single night and still had a decent nights sleep afterwards without sleeping in.A game of such length can simply not be engaging enough.That being said,I loved the gameplay and would’ve enjoyed it,had it been a little bit longer(a little better storyline wouldn’t have hurt either)

  • Abraxox

    This isn’t what you asked for, but one of my all-time favorite games was Tie Fighter, which I can’t even play anymore. I sure wish they would remake that.

  • randum

    why is star wars force unleashed on it its cool

  • astrosteve

    If you want a bad Star Wars game, try Empire Strikes Back for Intellivision, from the early 80s. You fly around in a snow speeder on looping terrain shooting AT-ATs. That’s it, nothing else. Just an endless stream of AT-ATs to destroy. Oh, and you can’t wrap a line around their legs. You have to shoot them.

  • Joe DiEgidio

    I liked the second one, so….yeah.

  • rololo

    Battlefront 3!!!!!!!

  • VOLV!@

    the force unleashed 2 is a great game, you dumbass!!

  • Jon Wagner

    Force Commander was a really terrible game as was the Episode I adventure style game (I think they did one for Episode II but I don’t remember.) That was equally horrid. I’ll add SWTOR as being not a great game (WoW with a Star Wars wrapper.) But I am a diehard SWG fan so I’m still bitter. I gave SWTOR a solid chance but just didn’t like it.

  • thehammerismypenis

    Tortanic! to big to fail! this ship cannot sink!

  • Anonymous

    I hope they make BF3, KOTOR 3(but keeping all the original charecters and keeping it close to the story) and republic commando 2.

    All the originals(of the ones mentioned above) were awesome in my opinion and these games i just mentioned i think should actually be made a reality.

  • Kage no Namida

    the best star wars game that ever was and is becoming again is SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) best star wars game and mmorpg EVER!!! and no one can argue that.

  • Steve

    X-Wing was a great game back in the day on a 386. WHen the pentiums came out it was damn near impossible to get the game to work. I wish they would remake x wing for ps3, make it duel purpose. You get to play the classic game with updated graphics, ie same missions etc, and then have a new game which I suppose could be more like what’s going on today with air/space flight/battle simulators. My guess is it would be awesome.

    The Force unleashed had a longer story but the controls were slow. You got bitch slapped through most of the game until you really got your skills up. It seemed like you were swinging your light saber at opponents who moved twice as fast as you were, and weren’t there when you should have been hitting them. I felt the controls were much better for force unleashed 2 although the story was shorter. If there was a force unleashed 3 I would probably check it out.

  • Mauritz Nordlund

    Force Unleashed 2 had an achievement / trophy for kicking Ewoks!!!! *great*

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