The Five Best Star Wars Games Of All Time


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What fun would it be just listing bad games in a franchise? Which is why today I am going to list the top five Star Wars games of all time. Star Wars is probably the thing that I geek out on the most in my life. Most people when they meet me don’t know that I’m such a huge fan of everything Star Wars and most probably don’t know what an avid gamer I am. I think it all comes down to the perception that gamer’s are all nerdy, pimple faced kids that have no social lives, the same could be said for the stereotype of gamer’s. With this list I went back to all the Star Wars games that I’ve played through and even went back to the ones that I still had to check and see if they still help up today, thankfully they all still played great and I quickly found myself lost in that magical world of Jedi, Wookies and Storm Troopers.

1.Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic is hands down my favorite Star Wars game of all time. Its the reason I bought an original Xbox all those years ago, I know a lot of people were introduced to the Xbox because of Halo, as for me personally, I’d have to say KOTOR was my first true must have game. The idea that you could role play as a Jedi and build your own lightsaber was something I knew I wanted to be a part of. The fact that the story in the game was so full of twists and turns was just icing on the cake. This is one title that I try to play through at least once a year. If you ever have the chance to play this game, I suggest doing it. Knights Of The Old Republic still plays as great now as it did back then. If I had to pick my favorite character from the game it’d definitely be HK-47, he didn’t like any other meat-bags but me.


2.Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Jedi Academy was an interesting game for a lot of reasons, for me personally it was an added chapter to the end of the movie Return Of The Jedi, we actually get to see that Luke Skywalker became a Jedi Master and he was training other Jedi. The story lets you customize a character and you are part of this academy. The game sees you go through a ton of training, you even get to pick your lightsaber hilt and color, which was something very cool and Star Wars fans have been dreaming about what color their lightsabers would be for years. The added bonus to the great story driven campaign is the online mode, which was made using the Quake engine and modified for lightsaber combat, you could create a custom character and go online through Xbox Live and do a ton of interesting game modes like Capture The Flag. This is definitely a Star Wars franchise that needs to be revisited, I could only imagine how tough the online community would be these days.


3.Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars Rogue Squadron let every Star Wars fan live out their fantasy of flying in an X-Wing and fighting Tie Fighters in ship to ship combat, I remember using the codes to unlock the Millennium Falcon, which was slow but really maneuverable in space. One of the more interesting aspects of the game was that it took advantage of the Nintendo 64′s expansion pack, if you used the expansion pack you could almost get HD levels out of the game, the detail was enhanced and looked simply stunning for the time. Rogue Squadron is often credited as bringing life back to the Star Wars gaming genre, as it was in a bit of a rut and LucasArts wasn’t really releasing quality games with the Star Wars brand at the time.


4.Star Wars Battlefront 2

I have a soft spot in my heart for Star Wars Battlefront 2, it was my first really competitive game and I joined my first gaming clan to compete with this game. The campaign was slick, you could play co-op throughout the game, which was pretty rare back in 2005. The Galactic Conquest mode was an added delight to an already great game. The online was fun, though the hit detection was nerve-racking at the time, this game supported 12 v 12 conquest mode, which is basically where you have to capture the other teams bases. You could rent servers for the PS2 version, I think I spent around $300 renting servers for my clan over the years. The original Xbox version had free DLC, where you could download extra Jedi for the Jedi Arena modes and you could even import maps from the original Battlefront game.

5.Super Star Wars series

I know its kind of like cheating, but I couldn’t decide which of the Super Star Wars games for the SNES that I wanted to pick, so I picked them all. The Super Star Wars games took full advantage of the Super Nintendo’s 16 bit power and sound capabilities. The games looked stunning for the time and when I went back to play through them the other day I was amazed at how good they actually look, even for this day and age they held up really well. There are actually 3-D levels to the game, pretty decent voice work and a story that follows those of the movies. I will say that these are some of the tougher Star Wars games to ever come out, they are very unforgiving, but that is part of the fun. I used the cheat codes to check out some of the levels because these games seriously kick my butt, even to this day.

Well there is the list of the top five Star Wars video games of all time, who knows maybe we’ll see a Battlefront 3, Kotor 3 or Jedi Academy sequel that will thrill and delight us all. Until that day, we can always go back and play some of the best Star Wars games of all time. If you think I missed one of your favorite games please sound off in the comment section or our community forums!

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  • John K

    My personal top 5 included 3 from the same line of games (Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcase, Knights of the Old Republic and Rogue Squadron for the Gamecube)… and Battlefront 2 as well. 

    My last spotwould be one of their MMORPG games.  I really enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies (despite the fact that developers that blatantly lied to players) in between the patches for the Corvette and Combat patch…. but my personal fifth spot would be taken by The Old Republic.  That game is just a lot of fun and well crafted.

    • Mesnard

      I agree about SWG, though I always said you have to make your own fun there. I had my own style; and survived every patch. Hailed from Starsider. Contact me if you (or anyone) would like to talk more on the subject.

  • David McD

    Rogue Squadron 2 was better I’d say. RS2 > RS1 > RS3

  • HiImOld

    No love for the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games? Yeah, I’m old.

  • TieFighter>ThisList

    No X-Wing or Tie Fighter? These are probably the only 5 SW games you’ve *ever* played.

  • Steven Sior

    Number 1 is definitely KotOR. It’s the only reason I wish I still had an XBox, so I could replay it over and over again. Even if they rerelease it on discs for PC, it’ll likely never see 360 or be ported to PS3 like the Mass Effect series. But I digress.

    Other than that, in no particular order I’d say Star Wars Bounty Hunter for PS2, Dark Forces 2 for PC, the Super Star Wars series, and a toss-up between Rebel Assault (the no-budget rail-shooting game) and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter (am I the only one who remembers to capitalize all 3 letters in TIE anymore???)

  • TOM

    my top 5 star wars games are JK2JO, SWKTOR, SWEAW,SWB,SWRC

  • fari

    instead of rogue squadron, X wing alliance its so much better !!!

  • Reece

    I’m a 14 year old boy, but i think the nintendo 64 is the best console ever! and ‘star wars shadows of the empire’ is the greatest game i have ever played for anything!!!

  • Todd Alexander

    Hah! What a joke. SWTOR surely gets on that list, get a job you are capable of

  • Todd Alexander

    SWTOR=Best game ever. You=FAIL

  • Tommie

    What about Dark Forces or Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2?!?!

  • Ross MacGregor

    X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter is the best SW game ever. period :)

  • Donald Herman

    Where’s Tie fighter

  • zarganoth

    jedi academy was by far the worst game featuring kyle katarn

  • mark

    What about republic commando…it was great first shooter that couldve rivaled halo at the time

  • .

    Rogue Squadron over Tie fighter? Mate, you don’t know nothing…

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