Has This Console Generation Bred The Worst Fanboys Ever?

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange] We all have things we like, or that we prefer. I’m a […]

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

We all have things we like, or that we prefer. I’m a Chevy kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean that I hate Ford or other types of cars (although I’ve seen some car enthusiasts take it to extremes). Video games aren’t without their fair share of fanboys. Don’t get confused and think that everyone is a fanboy, or that if you like one console more than another that you’re a fanboy, it doesn’t work like that. Having been gaming since the 1980′s, I can’t recall ever being around gamers who argued more or could be so vicious and spiteful. Has this console generation, which has seen so many ups and downs, bred the worst group of gaming fanboys ever?

If I had to guess, when I first noticed fanboys it was probably during the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo days. The line was drawn quite clear and you were either pro Mario or pro Sonic; you couldn’t really play both sides of the fence. Since I was in school and the popular kids all preferred Sonic The Hedgehog, I naturally bought a Sega Genesis and quickly became one of the “cool kids”. We used to talk about gaming while at school, Mortal Kombat, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Toejam & Earl were daily topics. Things used to get heated when some of the pro Nintendo crowd would try to chime in, I admit I used to get in heated arguments while defending my precious Sega Genesis. Everything changed for me one day when my older brother brought home a Super Nintendo and I got a chance to play Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong Country. From that point on, I made a much stronger attempt to give every console a chance, and as I got older I made sure that I had all the consoles, that way I could experience all the games and nothing would ever be exclusive from me.

Now if you’ve ever wondered how to spot a fanboy, I’ll be happy to help you out.

How to spot a Nintendo fanboy:

Nintendo fanboys are pretty easy to spot. They try to convince people who Nintendo created gaming, and every single game that looks similar to a Nintendo game is clearly a ripoff. Another way to spot a Nintendo fanboy is when you see one defend horrible ideas like The Virtual Boy, the Nintendo fanboy is also quick to dismiss HD gaming as a myth.

The actual reality is that Nintendo fanboys have been less in the spotlight when compared to Microsoft or Sony fanboys this generation, which is weird when you consider that Nintendo has dominated the console and handheld market this time around. In fact, Nintendo has always owned the handheld market, but it’s not something you’ll likely hear from a fanboy very often. The new Nintendo fanboy is optimistic about the Wii U, and most Nintendo fanboys are more defensive as opposed to offensive. Basically they will defend their favorite brand, but they don’t go out seeking confrontation with other fanboys.

How to spot a Sony fanboy:

Sony fanboys are vicious, they often are the gamer’s that visit forums and are usually the ones that travel in groups. Sony fanboys are the ones that feel like they need to justify their purchase of a PS3. If you make a negative comment about a PS3, the PS3 fanboy will take that as a personal attack and you’ll get swamped with Sony exclusive game review scores and you’ll be reminded that the PS3 has free online, is a Blu Ray player and has the most exclusives ever!

The PS3 fanboy is also easily spotted on forums because they will claim that every PS3 exclusive game is a “Day one buy!” These are the same fanboys that will never admit that Sony has ever made a single mistake, and conspiracy theories abound when it comes to the PS3. The media is biased against Sony, websites and reviewers are biased against Sony, and if any Sony exclusives scores less than a perfect 10, it’s because Microsoft paid them off. Sony fanboys are also some of the most annoying, they tend to go into Microsoft or Nintendo themed articles and troll, once again proving that they are pretty insecure about the product that prefer. The easiest way to spot a Sony fanboy is by the use of the $ when they abbreviate Microsoft, M$. Because its obvious that Microsoft only cares about money, where as Sony cares about other things apparently.

How to spot a Microsoft fanboy:

Microsoft fanboys are easy to spot because they usually suffer from amnesia. They cant seem to remember all the cases of the dreaded Red Ring Of Death, they also conveniently have forgotten all the hazing of Sony fans when the PS3 launched with a less than stellar lineup of games. The Microsoft fanboy is also pretty quick to forget the long-lost HDDVD format that was the loser when put up against Sony’s Blu Ray, which was the better format, but fanboys have a tendency not to understand reason, no matter how clear-cut or understandable it is.

The Microsoft fanboy often refuses to acknowledge any games that aren’t on the Microsoft platform, while the Microsoft fanboys don’t travel in packs, they can and do go outside of Microsoft only articles, often being very annoying and trolling worse than a Star Wars fan doing a review of the new trilogy of movies. The Microsoft fanboy is also quick to point out things like cross party chat on Xbox Live, which is nice, but it’s also not something to really brag about.

At the end of the day there are fanboys on all sides. I think the biggest gain is probably with the Sony camp: Those fans are in an unfamiliar place this generation, and probably feel like they have their back up against the wall. Microsoft fans were also in an unfamiliar place when they were first to launch the current generation and the Xbox 360 fanboys had a full year of absolutely no competition. Nintendo fanboys tend to live in the past, Nintendo has been a trend setter, but it’s not like they invented gaming itself. Sometimes these types of gamer’s need to just get over themselves, you’ll find that gaming is much more fun, when you shut up and just play the games.