Rumor: 4G Vita Plus Firmware Update To Be Revealed Soon?


With the one year anniversary of the PlayStation Vita fast approaching in North America, sources (who have requested that we keep anonymous) have hinted at the possibility of an upgraded model coming sooner than most may have expected.

Although the credibility of this report comes into question by myself and my colleagues, these are the details nonetheless:

  • A new 4G LTE model of the PlayStation Vita will be replacing the 3G model sometime this year. According to the source, this will be the so-called “price drop” that has been rumored for the Vita as the new model will retain the $299 price point for an upgraded system.
  • The Wi-Fi version will still be available on the market for $249
  • A significant firmware update will go live bringing in a lot of requested features including new ways to organize apps in folders.
  • The new model may be unveiled along with the rumored PS4 this month at PlayStation’s February 20th event or at E3, but will not hit the market until later in the year.
  • A price cut on memory cards will be made. No details on prices.

According to the source, no other hardware changes will be made to the Vita and all other specs and features will remain the same. As for the 4G model, the regions where it will be available, in addition to info on any data plan pricing was not available.

As stated before, this is a rumor and credibility comes into question, so take it with a whole pile of salt, if you would like; But it should be interesting if it really pans out. We will reach out to Sony to see if they have any comment on this.

Sound off in the comments below: If a new 4G LTE model of the Vita is announced this year, would you be willing to get it? Would you like to see a bigger price cut on the system itself? Or would you be happy to just receive a price cut on the memory cards? Discuss!



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  • mikeebullock

    Price cut on memory cards would be good. I don’t really use the 3g ever, I wonder if it it used by many Vita players? Upgrading firmware makes sense, but I am a little skeptical on the 4G. Personally I would rather have them extend the battery life.

    • Simply G

      Since I already have a 3G Vita and do not use the service, I wouldn’t be interested in the 4G. Battery life is fine for me. However, I would be looking forward to that new FW update. Also, if they reveal a larger memory card at lower prices, because this 32 GB was expensive and just isn’t cutting it. I have to delete stuff all the time.

  • famguyfan89

    4G is only good if it dosent mean that asynchronous crap

    • Simply G

      That is pretty annoying.

  • lalanasty

    4G is NOT what the Vita needs to survive. What is wrong with Sony?!

    • Simply G

      I agree with you; But keep in mind, nothing has been confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait and see what Sony’s plans are.

  • G YS Yayo

    I have vita 3G Can I change it to 4G ??????

    • Simply G

      We don’t know if these 4G rumors are true, so don’t get too ready to change anything yet. IF they do come out with a 4G Vita though, I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t upgrade.

      • Maggard

        You cannot “upgrade” nor “change” your PS-Vita from 3G to 4G. The PS-Vita (3G) does not contain the hardware needed to access 4G networks.

        You would need to purchase a PS-Vita (4G) and sale your PS-Vita (3G) pass it on to another gamer.

        • Simply G

          When I said “upgrade,” I meant upgrade hardware to the 4G version. Not use the 3G model for 4G service. That’s obviously impossible.

          The whole point is a 4G model was rumored.

  • Simply G

    This 4G Vita rumor has nothing to do with the redesigned Vita patent rumor that surfaced this week.

  • Mitmit

    Price cut is what PS VITA will survives, not 4G LTE as it’s not really in high demand. And I don’t even see there’s a need to build into PS VITA. Also nowadays memory cards are too damn costly. Therefore we also want a price cut for them and speaking of space, we want larger space up to 64 gigs or above. Also, instead of planing to make 4G LTE as a new feature, why not use the time to spend on expending the battery’s lifetime and longer than the hours it currently can last. We demand more battery life than 4G…

  • Mitmit

    Oh and I forgot to mention. For those who are hardcore gamers like me should demand more better battery life. I say we want more battery life over 4G LTE….

  • Maggard

    I thought the PS-Vita (DevKit) didn’t have both a USB and HDMI connections. If this is a PS-Vita (DevKit) it is a new one, right?

  • Maggard

    PS-Vita (Wishlist) {
    – HDMI connection {
    .:: Video & Sound Output
    .:: PC & PS4 Connection
    .:: Network over HDMI

    – USB(3.0) connection {
    .:: Video & Sound Output
    .:: PC, PS3 & PS4 Connection
    .:: Alternate Power Source
    .:: File Transfer & Backup to USB Drives
    .:: Dual Shock & PS4 Controller Connection

    – Blue-Tooth Connection {
    .:: Connection to all PS3 Blue-Tooth Devices
    .:: Streaming Output via Blue-Tooth

    – Increased On-Board Memory(OBM) {
    .:: Operation w/o a Vita Memory Card (VMC)
    .:: Ability to Hot Swap VMC
    .:: Icons for PS-Vita Memory Cardridge Games (VGC)
    .:: Store VMC settings in OBM {
    >>> Pages Used w/ VMC
    >>> Folder/Bubble Created
    >>> App Icon Organization

    – Dual VMC Slots {
    .:: Allow VMC in Each Slot to Double available memory
    .:: Allow Transfer of Games between VMC to Organize & Back-up Apps

    – VMC Size Increase to 512g

    – Number of icons limited by space instead of 100 (this restriction exists even with folders/bubbles

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