New and “Best” PlayStation Meeting 2013 Video Coming Early Next Week


The day is almost here, February 20th. With the hype train going at full speed, gamers are eagerly anticipating all of the news to come from the PlayStation Meeting 2013 on Wednesday. PlayStation has dropped a few teasers here and there, including the first in a series of videos chronicling the PlayStation history. Well, it looks like other videos will be popping up on the web soon in addition to those.

According to a tweet from games journalist Geoff Keighley, a new video is on the way on GameTrailers. The tweet read as follows,

“Best PlayStation Meeting video yet is coming to GT early next week.”

It should be interesting to see what will make this the “best” video as Mr. Keighley so claims.

For now, you can check out other items leading up to the PlayStation Meeting 2013, right here on GamerXChange:

Sound off in the comments below! What are you hoping to see in this upcoming video? What do you want to see at PS Meeting 2013? Discuss in the comments below!

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