No More XMB, Check Out These High Quality PS4 User Interface Screens

PlayStation 4 Logo

A week ago tonight, Sony announced the PlayStation 4. More details have been gradually streaming out. One of those items happens to be the new user interface for the PlayStation 4. The cross media bar is going to be a thing of the past and the new user dash will be similar to the current PSN store or Xbox Live layout. If you weren’t paying close attention, you may have missed some of those shots of it during the announcement last week.

Worry not, thanks to Sony, we have a batch of high quality screens for the PlayStation 4 user interface below. There are also some shots of the UI for the PSN/PS4 apps coming to mobile devices. Check them out:


Of course, the PS4 is still many months away, so this layout and design can change. We’ll keep you updated! For now, discuss in the comments below:¬†What are your thoughts of the UI?

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  • Reign_Of_Rain

    Love what I see. Hopefully it runs smooth with no hitches. Would love it if Sony did a beta test of the UI somehow…but doubt they would even on a private closed level. Only internal most likely.

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