Pachter: PS4 and Next Xbox Will Sell Almost Twice as Much as Wii U

From SXSW, Pachter offers his insight on the gaming future once again.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences are happening right now offering a bit of music, festivities, and gaming. Gaming analyst Michael Pachter has been presenting at a panel, speaking about the next-generation of gaming systems, including the Wii U, PS4, and Next Xbox (codenamed Durango).

What are some of Pachter’s predictions? Geoff Keighley tweeted a few pics from Pachter’s presentation and love it or hate it, he’s back at it again:

  • PS4 and the next-gen Xbox games will cost $70
  • The next generation will probably be the last.
  • Wii U likely to sell 30-50 million consoles throughout its life cycle
  • PS4 likely to sell 85-95 million consoles throughout its life cycle
  • “Durango” (or the next Xbox) is likely to sell 85-95 million consoles during its lifetime

Pachter’s notes also went on to mention that he thought the Wii U is too similar to current gen systems and not innovative enough.

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