GameStop Says Consumers Will Not Buy Games Before Next-Generation


After posting losses in their latest financial reports, GameStop Corp. has given their 2013 outlook for their market share.

From their Sales and Earnings for Fiscal 2012 and 2013 Outlook –

CEO Paul Raines pointed out that GameStop is counting on the next generation for profit when he stated, “As we look towards the start of the new console cycle, our industry market model indicates a return to growth with the launch of new game systems. GameStop is strong, healthy and ready to lead the industry and its customers into the next phase of gaming.”

While the company expects a “strong finish” to the year with releases of games like Grand Theft Auto V and next-gen consoles, they also don’t expect much before that time comes. In their reports the company said,

“Ahead of these events [next generation console and GTA V release], GameStop expects the first half of the year to be challenging as consumers postpone purchases leading up to the fourth quarter console launch.”

We shall see what the final word is on these predictions when they give their 2013-2014 reports next year.

For now, sound off in the comments below: Are you holding off certain gaming purchases while you wait for the next generation?


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  • Sheldon Prescott

    Personally, I don’t plan on buying too many games until the PS4 and the new Xbox comes out, because I’m already saving up. If I buy a game, it will be an old game that came out last year, like Sleeping Dogs.

    • Simply G

      Judging by a few comments on other sites, you’re not alone. It seems that GameStop wasn’t too far off.

      A lot of people seem to be talking about renting or skipping games until the next wave of next-gen games and systems come around.

  • Heavy Rain

    The main reason why people stop buying games, is because people are saving money for the next gen. Like me, I am slowing down buying games, and I will pre-order PS4 very soon.

  • PS Rocks

    I don’t plan on buying many games from Gamestop, I am headed to Best Buy since they offer a $20 preorder bonus for God of War Ascension, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. I plan to pickup 1-2 more before next gen comes around along with Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita

  • Adam Xen

    Yeah, I’m saving money for the next-gen consoles. Why buy a PS3 game that won’t play on the new PS4 (no backwards compatibility), and just have it collect dust on my shelf along with my old consoles? At best, it’s a waste of space in my room.

    I’ll just buy a few PC games here and there, and rent games, for the time being. And maybe buy Last of Us or Bioshock Infinite (but not at full price).

  • Joshua Bourne

    Thats funny, because I plan on buying a bunch of games before next gen. I don’t plan on playing the same games that I got untill the end of the year.

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