U.S. Department of State Launches Game ‘Trace Effects’

Trace Effects feature

Well if you thought government activities was all work and no play, you didn’t hear about the latest federal initiative, Trace Effects.¬†The SuperGroup and U.S. Department of State have launched Trace Effects, an on-and-offline 3D video game designed not only for fun but also for education. With students ages 12-16 in mind, the game was launched for those around the world who want to expand their English skills and learn about American culture. You can check out the trailer below:

Students experience Trace Effects through the eyes of Trace, a university student from the year 2045 who has accidentally traveled back in time to the present. In order to get home, he must complete a challenging mission to change the future for the better by helping six young people accomplish great things that will positively impact the future.

Students take a virtual journey through the United States, traveling to locations, including Kansas, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Instead of memorizing and reciting new words over and over, students immerse themselves in real situations and learn English in context.

Trace Effects introduces users to American society and explores themes related to entrepreneurship, empowering women, community activism, science and innovation, and environmental conservation.

The game features:

  • 7 chapters of game play in a virtual world
  • 28 practice activities (four for each chapter) that complement and reinforce vocabulary and themes from the story
  • 4 multi-player practice activities
  • Comprehensive teacher and student manuals
  • 7 graphic novels for extension activities
  • Merriam-Webster American English dictionary integration
  • 2 mobile games for Android (played 1.7 million times in the first 30 days)
  • 1 text based game for standard cell phones
  • An offline installable version of the game for Windows and Mac for classrooms not connected to the internet
  • A DVD Video walkthrough of the gameplay for classrooms with only television and no computers or internet
  • Design and Development of marketing support materials

Trace Effects is available for free online, as well as in a DVD for both teachers and learners.

Trace Effects is now available worldwide through its official website: Trace Effects


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