Battlefield 3 Double XP Marathon


Have you achieved Colonel status in Battlefield 3 yet? If not, here’s your chance to. We’re closing in on the third anniversary of Battlefield 3 and the successor of the series has already been announced, so these double XP events will begin winding down soon enough. Normally, most of these special events are only for Battlefield Premium members or restricted to certain platforms, but this big XP event is set for all players on all platforms.

Starting May 9th at 2 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, double XP will be available on all platforms for all players playing ranked matches on all modes. Instead of just a weekend of double XP, this will run for 96 hours (four days) – so it will be ending on May 13th. I feel that this may be one of the last events for the game so I’ll definitely be in attendance since I have yet to max my rank out. My body is ready for four days on the “Battlefield,” is yours?



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