Could Unannounced Free-to-Play PS4 Game Be Rumored PS All-Stars MMO?


In an interview with Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, GameInformer was able to find out that a free-to-play PS4 game is indeed in the works. Could this be the previously rumored PlayStation MMO?

When GameInformer was inquiring about the different pricing models that Sony might use for their PS4 games, Yoshida answered by saying,

“Yeah. We are developing a free-to-play type of game, but we haven’t announced it yet.”

Last month, GamerXChange was tipped off about a new game that follows suit of the recently released PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game in question is a MMO with PlayStation crossover themes. The tip included information about pricing models, explicitly stating that the game was going to be Free-to-Play, but other pricing models were not set in stone. This seems to coincide with the information that Yoshida divulged in the GameInformer interview.

For more information on the PlayStaion All-Stars MMO click here.

We’ll be sure to bring more information if we get it. For now, sound off in the comments below, what do you think?


[via GameInformer June 2013]

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