EA’s Star Wars Games Could Still Appear on Wii U

EA's Star Wars games may appear on Wii U too.

The recent news of EA’s deal with Disney to produce Star Wars games has been met with both excitement and anger from the gaming community. Many Nintendo fans feel slighted by EA because of certain business decisions leading many to believe that EA has abandoned or will not support the Wii U or 3DS much more in the future. However, during the question portion of EA’s Q4 2013 Earnings Conference Call today, EA commented on their recent deal with Disney to produce Star Wars games that could shine a new light on the situation.

While EA was not able to name specific Star Wars games that will be (or are currently being) made, they emphasized the fact that the games will span all major platforms – Including all major consoles, mobile, and PC.

While specific consoles were not mentioned, this could put to rest rumors that the games would not be seen on Nintendo’s new console the Wii U or handheld the 3DS.

Nintendo fans are among some of the most vocal in their disdain for EA at the moment. However, if a Star Wars game appeared on the Wii U or 3DS, would you be willing to purchase it?