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GamerXChange is committed to bringing you the need to know, accurate, and unbiased news, unique articles, and reviews from the gaming world. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! We’re not just about games anymore, we embrace all of Geek Culture’s offerings. Stick around for video gaming, anime, tech, film, TV, comics goodies.

Why “GamerXChange?” Well, here at GxC we are ALL gamers. By nature, by passion, by desire. Gaming is largely in our blood. Many gamers would agree that sites have “lost touch” with the gaming community, and with GXC we hope to “change” that. We know what gamers like, what gamers dislike; We know what gamers want to hear and see and what they don’t. Why? Because we are gamers. While many sites are writing for a check, we write for our passion. We are all separate individuals and each have our own personalities and tastes as you will see translated through our work but we are all gamers alike.

GXC is run and supported by volunteers so we try to stay true to form. We not only write for you but we want to hear from you as well. We want there to be an “exchange” of words, an interaction between us and the readers that really carries.

We hope you stick with us as we continue to change and improve on bringing you all of what you need from the geek world!

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