Type of online casino bonus

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In order to increase marketing as well as to attract the player of gambling over the internet, the online casino industry comes up with an Idea to give different type of bonus. In general, people also search for a huge bonus so that they can just use that bonus for gambling .There is many types of gambling bonus in casino industry. Let’s know about different type of online bonus in online casino industry.

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Types of online bonus

There are different type of online bonus, for example, when you sign to any online casino web-site, a welcome bonus will be given to you and the base of welcome bonus is, the first deposit you have ever made on this particular casino website . Welcome bonus also comes in a package of two or three deposits. Second type of bonus which an online casino provides is referral bonus which is also of two types one is referee and second is referrer. The Referrer get the bonus when he /she get register to the account by keeping reference to the referee and same as referrer also get bonus for her/his reference. One of the most popular bonuses out there is no deposit bonus where a player can claim for the deposit of its own money. There is also one kind of bonus which is non-cable bonus, it is also known as sticky bonus. This bonus is actually the part of the participants balance and when he withdraws his request the phantom bonus is being deducted from his balance. Another bonus is Comp points, actually it is available at land-based casino but now a day’s t also exists in online casino. It is exchangeable for cash or other comps. Bonus hunting or bonus bagging is an advantage through which one can turn their profit from casino by mathematical possibility.


 There are many cases of online casino disputes which involve player as well as casino. Player or casino, anybody may be fraud. For example player can create multiple accounts and have welcome bonus or else casino can change the wager requirement if player fulfill the requirement and ask to deny the withdrawal. In order to avoid this kind of dispute, always check the affiliation of casino because sometime fraud casino platform is being created which never give security to the customer .For example you have provided your credit card number along with the password for any casino website and that is a fake one so there is probability that your credential any be used in a bad manner.